A 45 year old male came off his bicycle.

The patient ended up with shoulder pain and came for an ultrasound.

A posterior labrum tear was demonstrated with fluid seen in the supra-scapular notch.

The first picture is with labelling and the second without.

With extenral rotation the amount of fluid in the suprascapular notch increased.

Movement of the posterior labrum was also demonstrated on dynamic viewing.

The rest of the shoulder was normal.

shouldera.thumbnail shoulderb.thumbnail

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    Petrie de Villiers

    No reverse Hills Sachs. No dislocation.
    The patient just came off his bike on a downhill and landed on his shoulder.
    He just developed a lame feeling in his shoulder and upper arm.
    This happened two weeks prior to the ultrasound.
    Patient insists on doing the Fish River Canoe Marathon against all advice.

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