Ulnar collateral ligament tear.

Ucl tear x-rayUCL tear1.thumbnail
Ulnar collateral tear on ultrasound. The ligament has torn off the base of the proximal phalynx and has not healed 6 weeks after the injury. There is no avulsion fracture. No Stener lesion is noted. Note that these patients will seem stable if examined in extension with an intact volar plate. They need to be stressed in flexion (which is hard to image!). If the volar plate is also torn, they will be unstable in flexion and extension.

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    Graeme Thompson

    Very impressive case. You can see the smooth outline of the adductor aponeurosis. Do you see these often? I suppose you have to promote ultrasound over stress views with a bit of ‘education’.

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    Petrie de Villiers

    very good case.are there a few suprficial fibers of the ucl still intact .nice swollen apponeuroses over the ligament .us modality of choice good ex

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