3rd Transact Triathlon Congress

The 3rd Transact Triathlon Congress will take place on Friday 12 April 2013 in Port Elizabeth, prior to the SA Ironman event on Sunday 14 April 2013. The conference is a combined SASMA and SAMSIG initiative. Triathlon-related topics will be discussed. SAMSIG will present radiology case reports relevant to triathlon. Contact dr. Richard de Villiers at rdv@wpxrays.co.za for details.

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    richard de villiers

    Dr. Richard de Villiers gave case reports on patellar tendinosis, sural nerve impingement and stress fractures( calcaneal , navicular, femoral condyle knee). 80 delegates attended. The feedback was excellent. Thanks to Transact for sponsoring the meeting. Hope to see more SAMSIG members attending in future.

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