subchondral cysts

CT pelvis ( coronal MPR) 29 year old ex-gymnast with hip pain. Note subchondral cysts in  acetabulum as well as femoral neck. Could this be due to chronic impingement eg. femoroacetabular impingement?

Nerve Impingement

1)Sciatic Nerve Known diaphyseal aclasis.Sciatica type pain ?Malignant transformation ?Local pressure Sciatic nerve impinged by cartilage cap.Note sciatic nerve oedema. 2)Paraesthesia medial plantar surface Medial plantar nerve (black arrow) Compressed by ganglion. Cause of ganglion is posterior impingement.Small ganglion but tarsal tunnel confined space.


A 40 year old lady with left hip joint pain. A tear is noted of the anterior labrum with small amount of fluid seen adjacent to the labral tear. A small hip joint effusion is present.


A 16 year old boy with a sudden onset of pain over the anterior superior iliac crest, after kicking a ball. Note the avulsed injury of the apophysis of the anterior superior iliac spine.