A 17 year old school boy who is a competitive javelin thrower, developed sudden pain over the medial aspect of the elbow whilst throwing. Unable to throw after the injury. The ultrasound demonstrated a full thickness tear of the ulnar collateral ligament of the elbow. Widening also noted of the medial joint space on dynamic viewing.


Typical example of a tennis elbow with a tear noted in the extensor carpi radialis brevis tendon at the implant on the lateral epicondyle. The lateral collateral ligament as well as the lateral ulnar collateral ligaments are intact.


40 year old male with a painful elbow and tenderness over the lateral epicondyle. Typical tendinosis with internal micro tears of extensor carpi radialis brevis – “tennis elbow”.


Patient fell on an outstretched elbow. Ultrasound showed a subtle fracture of the radial head. A haemarthrosis was present. It is important always to ultrasound the interosseous membrane, best seen from the dorsal aspect. This ultrasound showed a torn interosseous membrane. With slight compression on the dorsal aspect, the muscles were seen to bulge through the torn membrane. The right …

? Panner’s disease

Pain and restricted motion 3 months following trauma to the elbow. Any comments?