A 40 year old male who slipped on a step and developed sudden pain on the lateral aspect of the ankle. A normal X-Ray. The ultrasound shows that all the ligaments surrounding the ankle joint are intact. A complete tear is noted of the retinuculum over the peroneus tendons. Note the dislocation of peroneus longus over the lateral malleolus on …


55 year old male with lateral ankle pain and swelling posterior to the lateral malleolus. Marked tendinosis of peroneus longus and brevis with peroneus longus herniating through peroneus brevis. The retinuculum over the peroneus tendons is intact.

Talar fracture

It seems anecdotally that a talocalcaneal coalition predisposes the patient to a specific fracture pattern of the talus. I have now seen a few of these unusual sagittally orientated talar fractures passing posteriorly from the middle facet coalition into the posterior facet posteromedially. has anyone else seen these fractures?

Nerve Impingement

1)Sciatic Nerve Known diaphyseal aclasis.Sciatica type pain ?Malignant transformation ?Local pressure Sciatic nerve impinged by cartilage cap.Note sciatic nerve oedema. 2)Paraesthesia medial plantar surface Medial plantar nerve (black arrow) Compressed by ganglion. Cause of ganglion is posterior impingement.Small ganglion but tarsal tunnel confined space.


Firstly I apologise for the spelling error of peroneus quartus as “quadratus”. Just something interesting seen on ultrasound: A 17 year old gymnast with lateral ankle pain. The peroneus quartus is an accessory tendon situated posterior to the peroneus longus and brevis, and implants on the lateral aspect of the calcaneus.