Ulnar nerve compression

An 18 year old top tennis player developed pain and weakness of the hand. Unfortunately the Gayon’s Canal is not well annotated but anterior to the ulnar nerve is a large abnormal muscle. To the left and inferior to the muscle is the pisiform. Medial and posterior to the large muscle is the ulnar artery and veins. There is also …

Ulnar collateral ligament tear.

Ulnar collateral tear on ultrasound. The ligament has torn off the base of the proximal phalynx and has not healed 6 weeks after the injury. There is no avulsion fracture. No Stener lesion is noted. Note that these patients will seem stable if examined in extension with an intact volar plate. They need to be stressed in flexion (which is …

Volar plate tear

Nice example of ultrasound for volar plate tear. Compare normal to abnormal. Images were taken on the palmar side of the 3rd MCP


Pain over radial aspect of wrist, increased with motion and radiating to radial side of forearm. Ultrasound confirms De Quervain’s tenosynovitis


A bony avulsed fracture is noted of the volar plate attachment from the proximal aspect of the middle phalanx. The hyperechoic volar plate is well visualised with the bony fragment still attached to the volar plate.