Iatrogenic ALPSA

Recurrent instability post Bankart repair.Note the lower anchor is set back from the articular margin.These should be placed at the edge of the articular surface.On ABER capsule should follow contour of humeral head but in this case it sags.Also capsule/labrum should merge seamlessly with glenoid margin.This is effectively a labrum fixed in the ALPSA position and is unstable.

50 Yr old cyclist fell doing 60km/hr

Fractured Rt Clavicle Paraesthesia Rt Hand Mri requested for evaluation of brachial plexus Presence of haematoma related to brachial plexus explains paraesthesiae. Relation of haematoma to subclavian artery and disproportionate size compared to fracture haematoma prompted CT Angiogram. CT1.jpg CT2.jpg CT3.jpg CT4.jpg CT5.jpg Diagnosis: Lacerated subclavian artery with false aneurysm secondary to clavicular fracture. Artery repaired with graft . Patient …