Shoulder Instability

Recurrent shoulder dislocations CR demonstrates bony Bankart and Hill-Sachs lesions


Direct impact injury to shoulder during dive playing rugby Localized tenderness antero lat Plain films not conclusive , ultrasound demonstrated cortical irregularity , with also local cortical and soft tissue changes on MRI, note the absence of more diffuse marrow edema

Giant Cell Tumor

Patient sustained rugby injury Initial x ray mentioned # , but were not available for evaluation . Lesion in humeral head noted on follow up x ray Xray , CT , MRI and isotope studies Histology proven Giant cell tumor


30 year old lady with progressive weakness of the infraspinatus muscle. An ultrasound shows a large ganglion adjacent to the posterior labrum, which extends into the suprascapular notch with compression on the nerve in the notch. Under ultrasound guidance and local anaesthetic, the ganglion was drained using an 18 gauge needle, and thick jelly-like fluid was aspirated.

subchondral signal

cor T1FS / T2FS often sees abN signal deep to infraspinatus ? what is it ? cyst ?oedema due to int impingement ? Hill-Sachs ? normal ? artic IS tear with erosion ??