A 45 year old male came off his bicycle. The patient ended up with shoulder pain and came for an ultrasound. A posterior labrum tear was demonstrated with fluid seen in the supra-scapular notch. The first picture is with labelling and the second without. With extenral rotation the amount of fluid in the suprascapular notch increased. Movement of the posterior …

Paralabral cysts

1 year of poorly localised posterior shoulder pain. Ex boxer. Scan shows numerous multiloculated paralabral cysts. Note that they do not fill with Gd.

Shoulder Labral Cyst

Patient with post shoulder pain and infraspinatus weakness MRI demonstrates labral cyst , note also signal changes extending to post labrum , probably due to previous labral tear

Snapping shoulder?

66yr lady with rotator cuff tendinosis and a clicking scapula. Elastofibroma dorsi is a pseudotumour consisting of fibroelastic tissue which presents as a painless mass producing clicking on forward scapular motion.The typical appearance is a mass which is isointense to muscle with fatty components deep to the scapula(in this case deep to serratus). Repetitive trauma has been suggested as aetiology. …